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Our Mission

We lift your brand to the top of the feeds.

Social media today is not about social networks anymore. It is high-cadence shots of entertainment, socially integrated. This shift expands from media to commerce nudging all of our consumption behaviors towards discovery-based feeds. The top of those feeds is the top of the food chain – and content is the driver. Whether paid, organic, or influencers.

We hold a deep conviction in the idea of developing your marketing strategy social-first. As consumers time spent online only continues to increase, social media broadens its impact on culture and even generational preferences. Creative strategy must tap into cultural momentum over traditional creativity and drive discovery plus measurable actions. Brands need to become part of the content feed, creating and distributing media in a way that maximizes attention and action. Such principles of marketing effective on social extend their effectiveness universally.

We have been witness to transformational impact on brands and businesses. In fact, Moonbase was founded on first-hand experience building a multi-million D2C brand with 100% social-first marketing spend. With an international and diverse industry mix, we cover a wide range of competencies and perspectives in our team. We offer hands-on experience and bias for action ensuring that we not only talk strategy but also have the competence to execute.

And that is why we want to work with you on your next Moonshot.

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The people are at the heart
of Moonbase. Meet the team!

Luca Dierks

Managing Director

Josi Göttel

Head of P&C

Cira Borcholte

Campaigns Manager, Influencer Marketing

Nena Milic

Team Lead, Influencer Marketing

Marco Bigatton

Senior Paid Media Manager

Danilo Schoebe

Head of Design, MBRS

Ranjeet Jagtap

3D Generalist, MBRS

Sam Hoberg

Influencer Marketing Manager

Svenja Frahm

Team Lead, Campaigns

Domenik Thiel

Senior Finance Manager

Marty Williams

Campaigns Manager, Campaigns

Marilena Heinen

Campaigns Manager, Campaigns

Purva Ranade

Talent Acquisition Manager

Marie Kaiser

Working Student, Influencer Marketing

Inclusion to us is more than just empty number.

60% Female Managers
5 Nationalities
27 Average Age
Since 2017

The values that
drive us.
Every day.


At Moonbase, we embrace the astronaut mentality – finding inspiration in the pursuit of excellence and relentless drive to
break our own records. Our aim is to do meaningful work that prioritizes outcomes over deliverables, and impact over blind hustle.

Value for value

We believe in exchanging value for value. On every step of the way we focus on what really moves the needle for our clients, for their audiences, and for our employees. We are paid for value we deliver, and we pay employees for the value they deliver. In our work, we have a respectful approach towards the consumers attention. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated and this drives our success.


Moonbase’s business is to make our clients unbeatable. We achieve that by working hand in hand with clients, partners, and within our teams. Our approach is rooted in tearing down silos, avoiding one-offs, building relationships, being upfront and acting consistently with high integrity. We approach every conversation in a solution-oriented fashion and with a collaborative mindset.

Learner’s Mindset

With knowledge being the key asset we offer to clients, a growth mentality is essential to how we evolve as a company, as individuals, and in our partnerships. We have the courage and drive to take on new perspectives, and ask the same of our clients.

We believe change is the essence of progress and continually seek out constructive input and candid feedback, knowing that our effort and attitude determine our ability to unlock our best work.


At Moonbase, we embrace a culture-forward ethos, leading the charge in industry trends and cultural influence. With a finger on the pulse of digital culture, we anticipate shifts in consumer behavior and adapt accordingly. By immersing ourselves in communities, the world of opinion leaders and importantly the next generation, we make our work more meaningful.